News from the Amazon

July 2020 (click title for more)

Covid-19 has been particularly devastating to communities in the Peruvian Amazon. 

August 2020 (click title for more)

We were thrilled to be able to assist with relief efforts to benefit a home for 60 abandoned and orphaned children.

October 2020 (click title for more)

In September, a 3-week community heath worker workshop got underway despite drought, travel restrictions and abysmal internet connectivity.  

The Burning is on Again

September 2020

Rain is sparse, river levels low, and the Amazon is on fire again.  A CNN report warns that the rainforest is close to a tipping point. Conservation and reforestation activities are critical. 

October 2020 (click title for more)

A huge thank-you to all of the beyond generous folk who contributed to our coronavirus relief efforts in the Peruvian Amazon. You saved lives!

October 2020 (click title for more)

Whether in use or not, boats have to be maintained and cared for. The pandemic gave our crew the time to do a deep cleaning and painting of our fleets. Squeaky clean boats!

The Amazon was sick.

Now it's Sicker

Octber 2020

Oil spill pollution and now Covid-19. A New York Times article highlights the devastating impacts on indigenous communities. 

November 2020 (click title for more)

Project MIA (Menstruation In the Amazon) is taking off!  Students from the University of Michigan are taking the lead in improving women's reproductive health in the Amazon. 

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