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Coronavirus Ravages the Peruvian Amazon

July 2020

Covid-19 has been particularly devastating to communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Visit our Blogs to read about the pandemic in the Amazon.

August 2020

We were thrilled to be able to assist with relief efforts to benefit a home for 60 abandoned and orphaned children.

Community Health Worker (CHW) training starts!

September 2020

On 14 September, a community heath worker training session gets underway in the Amazon. We are very pleased to partner with Wired International in this effort. Between coronavirus, travel restrictions, drought and internet connectivity issues, there have been a lot of obstacles to overcome, but we've been persistent. I'll post a blog article when the session finishes in early October. 

Rain is sparce, river levels are low, and the Amazon is on fire yet again. While most of the burning is taking place in Brazil rather than in Peru, the impacts will still be felt across the entire Amazon.  A new CNN report details the alarm among scientists that the Amazon rainforest is close to reaching a tipping point.  Conservation and reforestation activities are more critical than ever. 

September 2020

The Rainforest Burning Games are on Again.

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