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Education: The Key to it All!

  • Without understanding the Amazon, we cannot hope to save it.
  • Without knowing the people of the Amazon, we cannot hope to understand their hopes and dreams, we cannot help them to improve their lives, and we and cannot help them to avoid the ecological destruction that has occurred in developed countries - damage that we are now spending billions to repair.
  • Without educating young people in Peru and around the world, we cannot hope that future generations will value the Amazon rainforests as a biological and cultural treasure to be appreciated, sustainably used, and enjoyed.
  • Without influencing today's decision-makers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and educators, we cannot hope that future generations will even have the opportunity to study, appreciate, benefit from, enjoy, and be amazed by the Amazon rainforest.

If we don't do something now, what will we tell our children and grandchildren? "Oh, sorry! I was too busy, self-centered and greedy to care about the kind of world that you would inherit. My short-term profits and luxuries were far more important than leaving you the kind of world that I would have liked to inherit! Tough luck, kid - sometimes you win, and sometimes you loose. I won, and you lost!" What a sad statement that would be!

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