Equip a village health promoter with a basic medical kit

Villagers in the rural Amazon rely on the services of a member of their community to provide immediate basic medical care. All communities have a designated health promoter. This unpaid individual has the responsibility of keeping tabs on the health of the community and treating health problems when possible.

All too often, however, these dedicated individuals have nothing to work with other than ingenuity and persistence. $50 will fund a two day training seminar for a health promoter.

With your donation of $100, you can provide the community health promoter with a basic medical kit. These kits include wound care and cleaning materials (antiseptics, bandages, antibiotics), medication to treat intestinal parasites, diarrhea, pain, fever, infection, and more. Each kit also includes detailed instructions in Spanish on the use of each medication.

With a donation of $40, we can restock a kit when supplies run low.

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