Cover the operational costs of the hospital boat for a day

Project Amazonas boat, the Tucunare, on the shoreline. Project Amazonas boat, the Tucunare, group photo. Project Amazonas boat, the Tucunare, aerial photo.

Project Amazonas has the only regularly operating hospital boat in the Peruvian Amazon. Our current boat, the Tucunare, provides basic medical care for six to eight thousand people annually who would otherwise have little to no access to healthcare.

Your donation will fund a mission to serve the communities along the Peruvian Amazon. For a trip with ten medical personnel and six crew aboard, daily operating costs for a journey to a remote river area are about $1000 per day including fuel, food, crew salary, and medical supplies.

Our goal is to increase the number of people served threefold, to twenty-four thousand annually. Your donation to these efforts will enable us to begin to achieve this. If you would like to take a closer look at what costs are associated with operating a floating hospital, you can see a spreadsheet detailing expenditures.

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