Donate Funding to Preserve the Amazon

Two girls walking a wide path between villages.

The Amazon rainforest is for sale, and Project Amazonas can keep it safe from loggers and ranchers forever with your donation.

Three adjacent parcels of forest are currently on the market. These lots of land range from ~30 acres to ~50 acres in size. Two of which, lot #50 and lot #52, stretch from the Mazan River to the heart of the Santa Cruz Forest Reserve. These regions are available for $2400.

A third lot, #78, adjoins the existing managed forest reserve of the Santa Cruz community and would increase our holdings of protected rainforest by over 50 acres. This lot is available for $3500.

Donating the funds necessary to purchase these lots is a wonderful opportunity to preserve large tracts of virgin rainforest for the low cost of $70-$100 per acre.

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