Restore degraded lands by planting useful native tree species.

Help plant fast-growing native tree species to renew areas that have been clear-cut for farming. While the trees provide marketable wood, fruit, dyes, resin, and building materials, they also help rejuvenate the land to reduce pressure on intact forest areas.

Local farmers willing to participate will plant tree seedlings at the same time that they plant their first crops on newly cleared land. By the time agriculture is abandoned, the planted species will be well established and have a good head start on the weedy vegetation that typically invades when land is abandoned. Follow-up visits will monitor the growth of trees and remove vines and weedy spread that might inhibit development.


With your help we can plant:

  • Huasai (Euterpe precatoria), which produces edible fruit as well as heart of palm,
  • Cedro (Cedrela odorata), a relatively fast-growing mahogany species highly valued for its workable wood,
  • Aguaje (Mauritia aculeata), a palm with nutritious fruits (for people and animals) and in whose trunks edible beetle larvae are cultivated
  • Andiroba (Carapa guianensis), a high value timber species

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