Educate children and support hard working teachers

Help kids (and teachers) want to go to school by ensuring that they have necessary basic supplies. Most villages in the Amazon are centered around the primary school (grades 1-6) which is a one-room concrete building with a single teacher. Twenty to forty students may be enrolled, but absenteeism is high.

Students are required to provide their own basic school supplies—textbooks, pens, paper, pencils, notebooks—but often lack the resources needed to buy these, and teachers are overwhelmed with the task of teaching multiple levels of students with minimal support. Frequently, it is the teachers themselves who skip school. Nevertheless, schools do a heroic job of teaching reading, writing, math, history, music, and art to their students.

A little bit of support can make a world of difference in enabling schools to prepare their students for life in an increasingly complex world. $250 can provide basic school supplies for an academic year (March-December), along with extras like markers, crayons, rulers, a calculator for the teacher, scissors, pencil sharpeners, colored paper and other items that help keep learning fun and which raise the morale of teachers and students alike.

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