Amazon Study Abroad - Florida International University

Location: Madre Selva Biological Station

Date: June 27, 2010 - July 25, 2010

Event Type: Education

For the third consecutive year, students from The Honors College at Florida International University (Miami, FL) spent 4 weeks in the Amazon as part of the Amazon Study Abroad Program offered by FIU. This is definitly a non-typical study abroad program which focuses on service-learning, rather than on sightseeing. Students developed a wide range of projects that they then implemented during their time in the Amazon. These ranged from constructing rainwater collecting tanks for local schools to documenting and training community members to document Yagua language and culture through the use of video cameras. Project Amazonas is very appreciative of the efforts of the students, and is looking forward to hosting the FIU group in the summer of 2011!

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