B/F Nenita - Project Amazonas medical service boat

Fleet of Boats

The Project Amazonas "Fleet"

We own and operate several boats for use by medical, educational, and research groups. When not otherwise in use, these boats are also available for charter, with proceeds supporting Project Amazonas programs in the Amazon. Our newest (September 2009) and largest boat is the B/F Nenita, a 70' river launch constructed of local hardwoods and with a barge base (flat bottom). The Nenita is equipped with seven 2-person cabins, and can be used both for long trips and for transporting large groups during day trips. A 26' covered aluminum speedboat with 100 HP Yamaha marine outboard motor (the Mai-Kai Express) and a 24' open aluminum skiff (the Shiripira) are used for small groups, and for exploration of local waterways. Both smaller boats also provide emergency evacuation capability. Several small wooden skiffs, dugout canoes, and resin kayaks complete the "fleet".

The Nenita is a very comfortable and roomy vessel. In addition to the passenger cabins, a large screened dining area and front and back observation decks on the upper level are great places to relax and sightsee. On the lower level, the motor room, restroom facilities, and fully equipped kitchen complete the layout of the vessel.


In the near future, we hope to begin construction of a vessel dedicated to, and designed specifically for medical service on the Amazon. The steel-hull boat will be able to house 16 passengers, and will have dental, minor surgery, and pharmacy rooms, as well as attending rooms that can be opened into a meeting hall. This vessel will give us capability to reach very remote areas with medical and educational teams. Help us make this dream a reality!

Safety and Maintenance

Our vessels are legally registered with Peruvian naval and civil authorities, and undergo annual safety inspections. The boat crews are licensed and have taken boat operation, safety, and maintenance courses. We conduct regular maintenance of all vessels and motors, and the safety of passengers and of our vessels is of utmost importance. Operation of our motorized boats is strictly limited to our licensed and experienced crew who are excellent judges of river and weather conditions.

Inquiries about charter and use of the vessels should be directed to Devon Graham, Scientific Director of Project Amazonas.

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