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Inside Project Amazonas

Our History

Project Amazonas was founded in 1994 in the State of Florida (IRS non-profit identification #65-0515019) and in the Republic of Peru, where we have had regional non-profit status since 1994, and national status since 2000. We are a non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-political humanitarian, conservation and education organization. Our operations are in the Departamento de Loreto ("State of Loreto") in the north-eastern Peruvian Amazon. In Peru, our legal name is "Associacíon Civil Proyecto Amazonas". Our activities are overseen by a board of US and Peruvian directors. We were created though the efforts of individuals who had visited the Amazon, fallen in love with it, and who wanted to do something positive for the people and environment of the Amazon. Coming together under the leadership of founder Albert Slugocki, these individuals brought Project Amazonas into existence in September 1994. Involvement is open to anyone who shares our interests and goals in the Amazon, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, political affiliation, or other criteria. We welcome the support and partnership of corporations, other non-profits, and individuals.

The Structure Of Our Organization

Since our creation, we have focused on serving the people and environment of the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in Loreto. We believe we can best accomplish our objectives by concentrating efforts in a restricted geographic area (even though Loreto is about the size of California!). By doing so, we win the confidence and trust of people in that area and establish a track record. We are a lean, mean, effective machine - we have no central office in the US, and board members, officers, consultants, and volunteers all donate expertise, materials, resources, and time. Our only employees are Peruvian, and work as field station caretakers, managers, boat crews, and project supervisors. In compliance with Peruvian law, Project Amazonas also retains the services of a Peruvian CPA who keeps the books and ensures that the necessary tax and registration papers and reports are filed with local and national governments in Peru.

Our Objectives and Philosophy

Our objectives and philosophy are simple. We want to provide the people of the Amazon with adequate modern health care and education, and to give them the tools to sustainably use and conserve the Amazon rainforest. We encourage self-reliance and self-sufficiency and do not believe in 'hand-outs'. We believe that the people of the Amazon lead rich and rewarding lives, and that they possess a wealth of knowledge about living and thriving in their environment - we encourage them to retain and to value that knowledge. We recognize that the modern world presents many challenges to rural peoples, and particularly to indigenous peoples, and that there is great pressure and temptation to utilize resources in destructive and non-sustainable manners. We hope to provide the people of the Amazon with the knowledge and tools to wisely use and manage their natural resources, and to value and conserve their natural environment. We believe that healthy, happy people making a decent living in rural areas are the best weapon against the unregulated destruction of rainforests. People who obtain their food, building materials, medicines, canoes, and trade or barter items from the rainforest, are people who value the rainforest in its standing state. When such people are forced to move to cities to obtain education, or cash for medicines, tools, and essentials, the forest is left open to loggers, ranchers, and mineral and oil/natural gas companies - entities who value the forest primarily in its flattened state. We believe you cannot save the Amazon rainforest while ignoring its people, nor can you serve the people while ignoring the forest!

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