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Amazon Learning and Resource Center

The Amazon is huge, and so are the number of learning and educational opportunities within it! If you are an educator or student interested in the Amazon, Peru, and South America, there is a wealth of resources available and countless projects to be tackled. Our Amazon Learning and Resource Center is designed to get you inspired and started on an expedition of discovery about the Amazon.

Here are just a few of the classroom projects and possibilities waiting for you as educators and students:

  • Amazon and South American geography units
  • Latin and Native American culture units
  • Spanish language units
  • Amazon biology and environmental science units
  • conservation and biodiversity units
  • health education units (through direct or indirect participation in Project Amazonas health projects)
  • art and creative writing projects
  • computer web creation and design projects (we can post the best ones!)
  • ...and much more...

Take your experience to the next step and plan an Amazon educational trip. We have hosted many educational groups in the Amazon, and are happy to provide references as well as assist you with scheduling and logistics. Our Amazon experts can work with both students and teachers in the field to maximize your learning experience while ensuring that you also have a fun and safe time. If the idea of an educational trip to the Amazon appeals to you, please check out The Amazon as Classroom web page.

Check out the links for more educational ideas and Amazon learning resources. If you have innovative ideas and would like to share them, send them to us, and we'll post them on our website (with credit to you, of course!).

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