Where Project Amazonas is Located

Our activities are concentrated in the Amazon lowlands of north-eastern Peru. While this may sound like it is far far away, it really is quite accesible. The Amazon rainforest itself covers an area equal to the US east of the Mississippi River, but from Florida, parts of the Amazon are actually closer than Los Angeles or New York!  The city of Iquitos, our "home base" in Peru, is located almost due south of Miami, and is in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

Location of Peru in South AmericaThe Republic of Peru

Located on the west coast of South America. Borders Ecuador and Colombia (north), Brazil (east), and Bolivia and Chile (south). Peru is the 3rd largest country in South America in land area, and 4th largest in population (~ 28 million). The eastern and northern parts of Peru lie in the Amazon basin, while the Andes Mountains and a narrow coastal plain comprise the western and southern-most parts of the country.

Loreto - the Heart of the Western Amazon

The "state" of Loreto is Peru's largest administrative unit and is located in the Amazon lowlands of north-eastern Peru. About the size of California, it has a population of only ~1 million people. Iquitos, with a population approaching 500,000 people, is by far the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as in the western Amazon lowlands of Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.


Project Amazonas Field Sites

The four field stations operated by Project Amazonas are located east of the city of Iquitos on both sides of the Amazon. For information on travel times and access to these sites, please refer to the "field stations" page.

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