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Medical Assistance Program

The Medical Assistance Program

We initiate, promote, and coordinate medical, humanitarian, and research activities in the Department of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon. Our objectives and activities include:

Medical Service

  1. Provision of health services and education to remote river communities, while emphasizing preventative measures and encouraging self-reliance and the use of effective traditional remedies.
  2. Solicitation of medicines, supplies, reference materials and equipment for medical service operations. Coordination and distribution of donated materials to hospitals, clinics, and doctors in the Peruvian Amazon.
  3. Training of community health workers for the treatment of independently manageable ailments in remote communities, providing health workers with basic medical kits, as well as instructional materials for preventive education.
  4. Coordinating medical work in the Peruvian Amazon by volunteer health and development professionals, and by appropriate student and service groups and volunteers.
  5. Initiation of child health programs in the areas of infectious disease and nutritional health.

Medical Research Activities & Interests

  1. Acquisition, testing, and field use of rapid diagnostic methods for use in remote areas.
  2. Promotion of new advances and drug therapies for the treatment and prevention of endemic disease problems.
  3. Promotion of ethnobotanical and pharmacological research into the effectiveness and potential widespread use of traditional herbal remedies.
  4. Development and implementation of innovations in preventive medicine, traditional medical practices, and sustainable development projects related to health and nutrition issues.

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