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Our Work

Our Objectives and Philosophy

Our objectives and philosophy are simple.

  • We want to help provide the people of the Peruvian Amazon with adequate modern health care and health education
  • To supply them with the necessary tools and education to sustainably use and conserve the natural environment of the Amazon rainforest.
  • We want to encourage self-reliance and self-sufficiency where possible, and do not believe in 'hand-outs'.

We believe that the people of the Amazon lead rich and rewarding lives, and that they possess a wealth of knowledge about living and thriving in their environment - we want to encourage them to retain and to value that knowledge. We recognize that the modern world presents many challenges to people living in rural settings, and that there is great pressure and temptation to utilize resources in destructive and non-sustainable manners. We hope to provide the people of the Amazon with the knowledge and tools to wisely use and manage their natural resources, and to value their natural environment before it is largely destroyed. We believe that healthy, happy people making a decent living in rural areas are the best weapon against the unregulated destruction of rainforests. People who obtain their food, building materials, medicines, canoes, and trade or barter items from the rainforest, are people who value the rainforest in its standing state. When such people are forced to move to cities to obtain education, or cash for medicines, tools, and essentials, the forest is left open to loggers and ranchers - people who value it only in its flattened state. We believe that you cannot save the Amazon rainforest while ignoring its people!

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