Student Video features Madre Selva Biological Station

A March 2011 course from Lawrenceville School, has resulted in a student video featuring the field station and the activities of the students during the course. To view the 8-minute video, follow the link:   Lawrenceville School is located in Lawrenceville, NJ, and under the direction of Biology professor Mr. James Serach and other professors and staff, has brought groups to our field sites in the Peruvian Amazon several times. We are looking forward to having them back again in March 2012. The amazing thing for us is always the degree to which these high school students are already prepared when they arrive. They have all researched various topics related to Amazon biology and ecology, and arrive ready to jump into independent research projects the moment they arrive. These research projects are not rinky-dink projects either! They are well thought out, carefully executed, and with the flexibility of change required for any type of field work. Before the students depart, they give professional power-point presentations to the group about their projects - including their hypotheses, results, statistical analyses, and conclusions. Many a college student would be totally intimidated to do what these high-school students routinely carry off. Many thanks to the students, staff, and faculty of Lawrenceville School for visiting the Amazon with us, and a special thanks to student Alex Frumkin who created the video that we hope you have enjoyed!  To learn more about Lawrenceville, please visit their website:

Posted: 09-20-2011

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