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Come aboard with us in the Amazon.

Be part of an Amazon medical or service expedition! Help us deliver life-changing and life-saving medical care to remote communities while experiencing the vast beauty of the Amazon wilderness and its waterways. A limited number of spaces are available on medical trips for volunteers, and you do not need to be a doctor or nurse to make a difference. Volunteers help register patients, record community information, document medical cases through photography and video, and assist medical personnel. Experience the rainforest and remote communities firsthand though hikes or skiff/kayak outings as well as through visits to local homes and establishments to see how the indigenous people of the remote rivers of the Amazon rainforest make a living. Stunning sunsets and tropical downpours, the metallic blue flash of a Morpho butterfly and bubblegum pink dolphins, a refreshing dip in a placid river or lake or a walk through a home garden, the wizened face of a village elder and the curious excitement of young children all await.

Your participation helps us serve remote communities that either completely lack access to medical care or receive only sporadic and undersupplied medical attention. In addition to medical attention, volunteers can also help to maintain our field stations, participate in education projects and further conservation activities. Your help is an important step toward preserving the rainforest. We believe that ensuring the health of the rural residents of the Amazon is one of the best ways to protect the land - healthy people don't feel the pressure to move to the cities to find medical attention. When rural people abandon their traditional lands, they leave them open to ranchers and loggers whose impact on the forest is far more severe than people who practice small scale agriculture along with hunting, fishing and gathering, and who depend of the forest for a wide range of products and services. Experience the Amazon with us and make a positive difference in the world at the same time! For upcoming medical and service expedition dates and information, contact Devon Graham, President and Scientific Director of Project Amazonas.

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