What is Conservation?

To Love and Conserve

Conservation is an activity but also a mind-set. We believe it is important to set aside, protect, and ensure the long-term viability of representative areas in the Amazon so that we AND the people of the Amazon can continue to learn about, benefit from, be inspired by, and enjoy the plants, animals, and habitats that those areas contain.

We also believe that each of us as individuals, families, organizations, corporations and governments can and should find ways to conserve our planet by reducing unnecessary use, cutting down on waste, and making more efficient use of renewable resources. We owe this to future generations.

Conservation is much more than saving jaguars and orchids. It is also about ensuring that the peoples and nations of the Amazon have the opportunity and capability to make use of Amazon plants, animals, and habitats into perpetuity. Such uses might include the development of new pharmaceuticals from Amazon plants and fungi, the expansion of income-generating eco-friendly tourism, better fisheries management to protect food and ornamental fish production, and even the 'ranching' or management of certain Amazon animals for food production or other uses.

Failure to conserve means throwing away potential, and results in severely limited future options and opportunities. It would be a tragedy if we are so greedy and self-centered as to deny future generations the opportunities that we ourselves have in the Amazon. Check out what Project Amazonas is doing in the Amazon to promote conservation (Conservation News) and see how you can help out! (Volunteer)

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