Project Amazonas

Conservation, Medical Care & Sustainability

in the Peruvian Amazon

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Our Vision

We envision a better and lasting future for the Amazon rainforest and its people. We are a Peruvian-USA non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization dedicated to humanitarian, conservation, education and research activities in the Peruvian Amazon region of South America. We are dedicated to supporting the livelihoods and the futures of indigenous and other peoples living in remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon. Through regular and sustained medical programs and health worker training, as well as through community-level education and sustainable development initiatives, we work to improve quality of life. Project Amazonas is actively conserving the biological richness of the Amazon in the rainforest reserves that it operates collaboratively with local communities, these reserves host ecological and ethnological research and education activities by Peruvian and foreign scientists and students. Our objective is nothing less than improving the lives of Amazon residents while conserving the biological riches and functionality of the Amazon rainforest.


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