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Dental Campaign - 2021-11

We are delighted to have our medical service trips operational again, and 2023 should have us pretty much back to a regular schedule of trips now that medical schools, hospitals, and other institutions are allowing their students and staff to travel internationally again. Click the link for our current schedule of medical service trips. 

We kicked off our post-Covid-shutdown service trips with a November 2021 dental and medical campaign at our Orosa River clinic, where there was a large pent-up demand for dental services. It was a small group anchored by our regular dentist, Dr. Roy Ocmin Saavedra, our Orosa Clinic technician Jairo Tapayuri, and assisted by two Swiss medical students, Ramon Eichenberger and Michael Meyer, our master chef Charly Taminche, jack-of-all-trades Juan-Luis Panduro, field-station manager Julio Sinojara and Orosa Clinic custodian Abraham Cariajano.  Our thanks to all of them for making the low-water trek to The Madre Selva Biological Station and adjacent Orosa Clinic, and for making the campaign a great success. A few photos from the trip are below: 

Photos Above: Top row from left: It wasn't all work! Michael (L) and Ramon (R) enjoy kayaking on the Orosa River; Michael & chef Charly at the field station; Ramon and the mealtime spread at the Madre Selva Biological Station; Michael and Orosa Clinic technician Jairo Tapayuri outside the Orosa Clinic. 

Second row from left: Michael (front left) and Ramon (right) visiting a newborn baby and its mother and grandmother at the Yanashi (government) clinic in Yanashi; The full group at mealtime at the field station. 

Photos Below: Top row from left: Ramon examines a young patient coming to the clinic; Assisting Dr. Roy in the dental rooms; brushing up on dental Spanish for patient education. 

Middle row from left (3 photos): Ramon attending to a patient with a machete wound from a gardening accident

Bottom row from left: The wound cleaned and sutured (a nice bit of stitching!); a photo with the patient and her mother. 

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