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Maintenance must go on (Aug 2020)

Pandemic or not, the humidity, mildew, insects and strong sun of the Amazon rainforest aren't going anywhere, so even though our boats are figuratively grounded, maintenance must continue. These boats are used for our Amazon field courses and medical volunteer opportunities abroad, so it is important to keep our logistical backbone in top shape. 

Early in August 2020, our general manager, Fernando Rios, motor technician Segundo Rios, and boat caretakers Juan & Adolfo Silvano did a thorough cleaning, motor maintenance, and repainting of our metal boats. Check out the gallery to see the squeaky-clean look of the vessels. We'll be ready to go the moment this pandemic is finally over. 

For more information about our fleet, click on the Sites & Boats tab.  Mouse over the photo for the picture gallery.

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