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We were delighted to assist in getting needed supplies to Mi Refugio Casa Hogar, a home for abandoned, abused and orphaned children. Located close to Nauta on the Iquitos-Nauta road, Mi Refugio opened its doors in 2012, and currently is home to 60 children and 10 staff. The home receives government funding of s/4.00 per child per day (~US $1.14) to house, feed, clothe and educate the children. That isn't enough to provide 3 meals a day to growing kids, to say nothing of the other needs! With the assistance of Dr. Ernesto and Rosy Salazar (Iquitos) and US-based donors. food and essential kitchen and dining supplies were delivered in July 2020, and support will be on-going. Visit Mi Refugio on Facebook. and share the love!

If you want to be a rainforest volunteer and also love children, you might wish to get in contact with Mi Refugio Casa Hogar (you'll need to speak Spanish, however). 

A bright spot in the midst of Pandemia (Jul 2020)

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